Release of SEEDS #01

Iconic rapper Blu Rum 13 inaugurates SEEDS, Galant Records’ collection of unreleased singles with a new nugget “Trying to live” scheduled for December 05, 2018.

Blu Rum 13 proves with this track that he has not aged a day and he delivers a rich digest of his 20 years of sound experimentation. Four solo albums, collaborations on more than 30 projects (from Kid Koala to Fat Freddy’s Drop), the international tours as leader with three famous funk bands: the funky Kidfrog Koala’s (Atlantic Records), the jazzmen US3 (Blue Note ) and the super hip-hop band, One Self with Yarah Bravo and Dj Vadim (Ninja Tune).

For the launch of the this digital singles series, the label Galant Records has decided to appeal to the “The Killah Platapus“of hip-hop, the alias of Blu Rum 13. This name fits him like a glove, both the works of the NYC artist are like this mammal: rare, precious, at the crossroads of many genres and influences.

“Trying to live” announces the color with a progressive beat orchestrated by the beatmaker and multi-instrumentalist R33 RXX.

On this evocative track, the hacker brings an explosive energy combining crystalline keyboards, jazzy funk riffs, atmospheric layers supported by a solid bass with drum breaks. This is the perfect combination for Blu Rum 13 who adds his nasal and significant flow, like a Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) on steroids.

Seeds 1 - Galant Records, label Hip-Hop à Lyon