Rhino - Galant Records, label Hip-hop de Jarring Effects
Weston - Galant Records - label Hip-hop de Jarring Effects


Rhino started mixing at the age of twelve. At a time when people were still buying tapes, he began to sell his mixtapes, allowing him two years later to buy his first Akai MPC sampler. Since then, he has showcased successful projects such as ASM and Jukebox Champions and collaborated with a wide roster of music industry heavyweights, ranging from MF DOOM to Chinese Man.

Rhino thus established himself as a specialist in Akai MPCs. Akai MPC, the legendary drum machine sampler that shaped the sounds of hip-hop, now sponsors Rhino. Besides that, the beatmaker also hosts musical production masterclasses and produces pieces for television and cinema.


Weston, 25, is a rapper from Canton, Ohio. After four years in the military, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee to create and develop his music. There, he met a community of hip hop artists and music lovers in which he identified himself and which he eventually joined.

Soon after, the rapper began to participate in cyphers and put on shows allowing him to practice and collaborate with other artists. Within the hip hop scene of Nashville, Weston has found himself musically and has just recently released his first album Priority Mail, produced by his cousin Don Bates.


Each month, the hip-hop label Galant Records plants a new musical seed. A meeting between a beatmaker and a rapper who gives birth to an exclusive creation. In July, make way for the Seeds #11 !

Keep going no matter what, keep going, keep going, keep going, that’s the watchword of Weston and Rhino‘s newest creation.

This eleventh Seeds is first and foremost an instrumental with soul and jazz influences reminiscent of the world of legendary beatmaker J Dilla, as well as snippets of sampled vocals, all set on an old school and precise beat.

Then there is Weston‘s calm yet catchy flow, playing on the rhythm changes and making us bounce every time he sings his “Carry on, carry on” gimmick!