Flashback in the 2000s, in the bubbling city of Adelaide: a very young rookie faces other rappers in battle. It will take no more to give birth to a legend: the force is with him because his flow is scathing, nervous and muscular, his improvisation in battle noticed by all the hip-hop heads in the land of kangaroos. At the age of 13 Nelson Dialect is recognized as an incurable sound enthusiast and collaborates compulsively with many artists. His first albums make such a din in Australia that he commands respect and makes a name for himself until he gets signed to the PANG productions label, the Australian equivalent of High Focus or Rawkus.

Holder of a scholarship in literature, Nelson decides two years ago to immigrate to the United States. He takes advantage of his stay in Mecca Hip-hop to confront his personal legend to the most legendary artisans of boom-bap rap. From his collaboration with the historic indie label Fatbeats to his participation alongside Despair, no one remains indifferent to the flow of the gifted young, as if the Australian climate marryed wonderfully the grimy clouds of the Big Apple.

Over the last two years, Nelson has been striking hard with an intriguing collaboration with Alnitak Kid under the name of Photograph Your Aura as well as with the already classic “Magnetism” directed by producer Must Volkoff. Without forgetting his work, in parallel, on the beats of the famous Ray West or with the legendary AG of the crew D.I.T.C, under the label Red Apples 45.

In February, Nelson Dialect will cross the Atlantic to shake up the old continent with 6 titles in the introspective universe and hypnotic ambiences, where the benign shadows of Nelson’s influences, from Bigpun to Earl Sweatshirt and Roc Marciano. The title of the album “Opera House” is a nod to the eponymous Sydney Opera House, an architectural feat conceived by the Danish Jørn Utzon. Voluntarily Nelson Dialect thought this analogy as a reference to his collaboration with the sound artificer Architech, Danish beatmaker and responsible for the moods of this album. From his carefully selected samples to bouncy kicks, Architech deploys all his knowledge to build with Nelson Dialect a monument worthy of the best sound buildings of 90S.

With “Opera House”, Nelson Dialect completes the loop and offers a modern reinterpretation of New York sound, in the form of a project impacting like a punch. And it’s a safe bet that Old Europe is holding out the other cheek.