Prolific rapper since the 2000s within several groups, KHA ventured solo from 2006 by multiplying collaborations. As comfortable wielding the pen as the needles, he opened KaHachA Tatoo in 2012. Between tattooing sessions, KHA scratches texts and begins to create an original flow alternating punchline, speed and skillful crossing of tones . He will be noticed by the beatmaker RROBIN who will invite him on his first album Déluge in 2018. Since then, the rapper / tattoo artist is preparing to release his first 7-track EP Onirism. To be patient because of this difficult context for the musicians, he collaborates again with RROBIN to unveil Brique, an ode to rap and its supporters in the community.



Each month, the hip-hop label Galant Records plants a new musical seed. A meeting between a beatmaker and a rapper who makes an exclusive creation germinate. Today we unveil the 14th opus of our Seeds collection.
To cope with this climate of tension and increasingly stringent government measures, the beatmaker RROBIN joins forces with rapper KHA to send a brick in the current politico-social slump. Listening to this track, the listener finds himself absorbed in a sound tornado where deep-house and hip hop are one. With his solid and meticulously constructed flow, KHA delivers a playful egotrip and declares his love for rap while paying homage to the people who surrounded him in his creations.