Emcee and Canadian producer, Jeff Spec is an ultra prolific artist of hip hop culture, with punchy lyrics. He has behind him fifteen albums, mixtapes, musical experiences as well as partipations in renowned projects. Member of the City Planners collective (Moka Only, Ishkan), he distinguished himself with his album Specnology on which he is accompanied by a live band. In his last years, the rapper multiplies collaborations and shines on the planet with his unique flow. We notably remember his legendary featurings with the French collective Soul Square or the Toronto band The Quarter Inch Kings.


Member of the Lyon collective La Mégafaune, the beatmaker and emcee Vax 1 has officiated since 2012. After his first album Dans mes veines, he launched a rocket towards the star Acubens in 2015. A year later, he released Nucleus, an EP even more pushed towards the abstract. As a sound technician, he has many collaborations to his credit (l’Or du Commun, Blu Samu, Hippocampe Fou, L’Entourage …). At the end of 2019, he formed Galant Troopers with Kuna Maze for the first eponymous opus of the variable geometry project of Galant Records. In January 2020, he launched with rapper Double A a gem in orbit with their album 23:59.


The bold hip-hop deal of French beatmaker Vax 1 and Canadian rapper Jeff Spec!

Each month, the hip-hop label Galant Records plants a new musical seed. A meeting between a beatmaker and a rapper who gives birth to an exclusive creation. In March, make way for the first Seeds of 2020!

After the adventure Galant Troopers (with Kuna Maze and feat. Blu Samu, Nelson Dialect, Jay MNG…) and the album 23:59 alongside Double A, the beatmaker Vax 1 invites the prestigious Canadian rapper Jeff Spec to inaugurate the 8th opus of Seeds. On a planing boom bap instrumental in the tradition of the big names of the underground rap scene of Brooklyn, Jeff Spec, with a powerful flow, evokes his daily life, his memories and approaches the reality of this world with a certain irony on chiseled rhymes and incisors.