Polyglot and ultra prolific, the Belgian MC who speaks more than five languages ​​(French, English, Dutch, Lingala and Bambara) has multiplied projects in recent months. Fed up with American rap, Jay MNG first chose to rap in English before bringing a new musical genre with his friends from Six O’Clock Gang. Within this multilingual crew, the rapper develops his own universe and chooses the Flemish dialect which he propagates with his unique flow, alternating nonchalant phases and devastating kicks. After his first album noticed Space Jam, the artist offers a new fragment of his talent with this new collaboration on this opus by Seeds.


Beatmaker and also emcee, Exodus begins by integrating the choreographic workshops of Kadia Faraux as a dancer and, at the same time, developing his career as a beatmaker, within the hip-hop group FlowFight. Since 2008, he has participated in various artistic projects. Among the artists with whom he collaborates, we can cite Le Jouage, Lucio Bukowski, JNGL, Mazoo from the rapper collective Lyonzon or Grems. Her jazzy smooth and soulful style is found again for a Seeds opus. After sublimating the text of Elea Brazz on Vinyl (Seeds 04), Exodus brings the Belgian rapper back to his first love, New York hip-hop of the 90’s.


Each month, the hip-hop label Galant Records plants a new musical seed. A meeting between a beatmaker and a rapper who gives birth to an exclusive creation. In May, place the 9th Seeds opus!

Often associated with a Flemish version of the worlds of Joey Bada$$ and A$AP Rocky, we talk of Jay MNG as the new star of Belgian rap. Revealed internationally with his first album Space Jam, the rapper returns with his sharp flow on a production of the Lyon beatmaker Exodus, inspired by the east coast of the United States of the late 90’s. It is with the sound of this time that the rapper grew, which explains the sound similar to a DJ Premier that Exodus composed for this title. In this evocative track, Championsound, Jay MNG decides to propel his rap into the atmosphere of soundsystems. Skilfully mixing Flemish with words of Jamaican patois and French, the new champion of Dutch hip-hop uses his hard-hitting toast to clash the sulphurous files of Belgian history and rappers with long teeth.