Galant troopers

With this first « A Night With…GALANT RECORDS bought together an international artistic dream team, named GALANT TROOPERS. These troops with variable geometry put themselves in battle order to produce the first opus of an urban dynasty without complex and daring! The result is a dense album, singular and deeply steepedin the contemporary obsession sof changing world. Between nocturnal wanderings, urban pleen and broader political considerations “A Night With…” ill know how to reach an audience by going in unknown lands for the rap.

This first part of the project will be around the beatmakers, Kuna Maze and Vax 1.

Between nocturnal wanderings, urban spleen and broader political considerations “A Night With…” will know how to reach an audience by paddling where finally the rap adventure is little: in unknown lands.

Kuna maze is a young French producer based in Brussels. Influenced at the beginning by Los Angeles beat scene and its various representatives, he was able to emancipate himself from it add to his own influences that range from Jazz to the English electronic scene, through experimental music and Hip Hop.

Vax 1, meber of the Lyon “Megafaune” crew in march 2015, Vax 1 directed a rocket towards the star “ ACUBENS” and then at the beginning of 2016 his last project “Nucleus”, even futher in the abstract, and finally remarkable participation in the album “Zeppelin”  of the Belgian “L’Or du Commun” as main sound engineer.