Awori, Twani
Awori, Twani
Ranavalona; Awori x Twani


AWORI was born and raised in Kampala, Uganda. As a child, she witnessed her grandfather’s love for music, which led her to begin musical practice. Soon she finds her place on stage and sings in front of her school.

After leaving to join her mother in Switzerland where she began Jazz singing lessons before launching a duo with her friend Juline Michel, named CaramelBrown , later renamed KAMI AWORI. The duo produces 4 EPs and participates in numerous festivals and artistic residencies around the world: Johannesburg, Kampala or Havana. In parallel she becomes the singer of the Blues-Rock band Black Diamond.

A video cover on YouTube provokes a meeting between her and the Berlin artist DENA, whom she accompanies on tour. This experience leads her to become familiar with the famous MPC machine and the live finger drumming.

Later she met Thaïs Diarra, with whom she went on tour in East Africa where she played the first part of the very famous Blitz The Ambassador and Tiken Jah Fakoly.
In 2019, at Galant Records, Awori and Twani collaborate for the first time around the explosive Cortex Iuxta ovationed by the public and by the press in France and internationally. Since then, the desire to start over and explore new common horizons has germinated in their minds.


Twani aka Mikaël Touanen is a young multi-instrumentalist and producer from Lyon. He’s the kind of artist who can master a new instrument in a matter of hours. After graduating from the International Music Academy as a guitarist, he began to play in various groups on guitar, bass and keyboard. In parallel, he discovers the immense work of J Dilla and Flying Lotus and begins to make his first productions which will be exported to the United States via the soundcloud platform. He will therefore join the American beatmaker collective Young Ho Collective. For the past two years, Twani has been involved in the production of many Afro beats on the Orpik label as well as on the tracks of musicians James Stewart.


Last March, during the first confinement AWORI writes what will become the album Ranavalona. Writing allows him to keep the balance in the context of containment and health crisis. It is for her an exercise of reflection and introspection to put words on her emotions and feelings.
On his side TWANI composes the instrumentals of the album. Confinement inspires him and allows him to explore new musical sounds. He can devote 100% of his time to music without any constraints.

Ranavalona refers to the last queen of Madagascar, Ranavalona III, known to have fought against Western invasions. A woman who wanted to protect her country and who paid the price through exile. The title of this record is a small nod to the story of all the women who fought and are still fighting oppression. Carrying this memory, the 8 pieces navigate between the power of individual action and the desire for collective transformation.