Nelson Dialect – « Instinct »


Nelson Dialect x Architech – Instinct
Extract from « OPERA HOUSE » EP available on Galant Records Feb 01st 2019

Produced by Video International
Directed and edited by Luc Hansen
Cinematography & colour grade by Liam Sommerville

Mixed and Mastered by Kwasi at The Cabin (

P&C : 2019 Galant Records
Promotion : Mathieu Girod

Distribution : Believe Digital

Booking : Spread Da Word (

Lyrics :

How we think how we do – Too Fly
Don’t blink make a move- Do or die
How we think how we do – Too Fly
How we think ho we do – Its Instinct

Verse One

La planet Sauvage, I’m in the palace
Kappa tracksuit pants and a snapback of the Dallas mavericks
Rolling in your crib with a tabernacle
Counting collateral tantamount to clap at you

My Avenue to the promenade choreograph
Museum of modern art me and you poles apart
You’re A&R got an electric guitar
I’m not regular my rep on a record will tear you apart

Raised in the era of rappers wearing the Pelle Pelle
Like Helen Keller cant hear or see all the shit you selling
Well-decorated edifice I’m the Kremlin
The mental general peddling words through your regiment

Woo-Hah! Got you all in checking it
Rep the emblem grand Mecca method prophetic epithet
Hundred and ten percent
Unsympathetic, synthetic rappers get lined out don’t give em no credit


Verse Two

The blink that killed the eye
The link and chain inside the mind that changed the way we ride
The wave and tide the sands of time
I stand aside deciding my own enterprise

Undefeated one dream and I gotta feed it
I keep my feet in them bigger shoes need to achieve it
Lighting reefer over time on a parking meter
No carpe diem my karma even over the evening

Nighttime get the orthopaedic, spineless demons
Who want to eat of the plate that I made for a reason
Try to see it for what it is, moderate
Not applicable for what my homage gotta be for the kids

Instinct my ink link and give me inklings
On the brink of a big thing give me the business
Slick kid invented my own game like Naismith
Spit it never did it for pay slips