Opera House

21 February 2020
Nelson Dialect
Galant Records
Number of discs: 1

In February, Nelson Dialect will cross the Atlantic to shake up the old continent with 6 titles in the introspective universe and hypnotic ambiences, where the benign shadows of Nelson’s influences, from Bigpun to Earl Sweatshirt and Roc Marciano. The title of the album “Opera House” is a nod to the eponymous Sydney Opera House, an architectural feat conceived by the Danish Jørn Utzon. Voluntarily Nelson Dialect thought this analogy as a reference to his collaboration with the sound artificer Architech, Danish beatmaker and responsible for the moods of this album. From his carefully selected samples to bouncy kicks, Architech deploys all his knowledge to build with Nelson Dialect a monument worthy of the best sound buildings of 90S.

With “Opera House”, Nelson Dialect completes the loop and offers a modern reinterpretation of New York sound, in the form of a project impacting like a punch. And it’s a safe bet that Old Europe is holding out the other cheek.